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    Understanding Drone Technology
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Faxes Usage in the Modern Days

Many people usually have faxes attached to their address. Currently, there is some good news coming from Google. Now, you can easily send Gmail fax.

Gmail is arguably the email service provider most widely used in the world over. This is because their accounts are easy to create and works with any phone or pc. This way, you can very easily access your faxes if they are connected to your Gmail.

How to Get Started

All you need is a Gmail account and an online fax service. You may use your existing your Gmail account or create a new account. Whichever appeals to you and is more convenient to you will be used. You have a choice between local numbers as well as toll-free fax number from Google.

online fax
How Google Fax Numbers Work

Google Fax number is a virtual number that someone dials when they want to fax you. The difference between ordinary faxes and these is the medium as well as the speed. Google Fax servers deliver the fax to you in PDF form. The converted form, therefore, becomes an email attachment. This way, you will receive an email in the normal way. You can thus do whatever you would like with this attachment. You can read, download or print.

Types of Fax Numbers

You have a choice between three types of numbers.

Local numbers

They are the commonly used fax numbers across different states in the USA. They are seven digits. There are also other codes in other countries. For companies which work locally, these are your numbers.

Toll-Free Numbers

These are numbers offering free to reach services. The services are billed for incoming calls. They start with a toll-free prefix.

Vanity Numbers

These are numbers with the ability to spell some words. This comes additional cost. To boost your business name and profit, this is the number to go for.

Transfer of Current Account

Instead of getting a new number, you can transfer the existing number. It is easier than updating your contacts and to successfully start receiving all your faxes through Gmail. You need to do is number porting. This is the transfer of an existing number. This is a process involving fax providers extensively.

Benefits of Faxing With Google

Google is the world’s leading service provider because of its speeds. When you link your fax with Google, you will have the benefit of receiving your faxes immediately.

Seamless Faxing

Faxing with Gmail and the normal Faxing process are not any different. When you have a dedicated line, the faxes are received normally.

Affordable and Easy To Use

Using Gmail is easy and inexpensive. This is what you get whenever you link your fax with it. It is easy to connect and starts working immediately.

Offers Digital Delivery

Gmail faxing is digital is the least expensive. You don’t need to print everything except when it’s really necessary. In many other cases, you only read and work on the message.


Gmail is highly and greatly secure. It is internationally recognized as the most secure email service provider.…


Top Reasons to Consider IPAD Repair Services

Apple fans have nightmare stories they do not often share as it would make the brand look bad. The reality is that electronic gadgets, even those made by Apple, including your iPad break. You can drop them, you might leave them in the fridge, or they would have inherent malfunctions. Knowing that they spoil and need repairs sometimes in their lifespan is a good thing because it prepares you for the eventuality. If you happen to be in Melbourne, getting your iPad repaired at an independent reputable non-Apple store has the following advantages.

The Apple Store is Full of Bureaucracy

You want your gadget fixed but the process it takes to do that at an official repair center is too long. You might also fear the shoddy work done on the device leading to additional visits for subsequent repairs. People are familiar with Apple repair for screens that can take a few days, and when you get it, you get it in a plastic protective cover for the screen. If they are out of warranty, you will end up paying double and even triple at the official repair center.

Find Timely Services Elsewhere

The alternative repair centers are tiny in comparison to Apple’s, but they do an efficient job. You can have an Apple device checked in and out while you wait, all complete with the repairs done. Unlike Apple places where you must log in the widget to a queue and wait for the available engineer, your repair technician will look at the tablet when you present it and tell you the problem after. You can then know the estimated time to wait, and when done, they will give you back the device for inspection. No gimmicks will be in place to fool you.

Save Money When Repairing

appleThe other thing with timely services is that they save you money. You also save money by getting the problem fixed. If the repairs were for something else, then you would still have to come back, and that is loss of time and the money you spend. You should also consider the money you are losing by not being productive. It could be the missed Skype calls, or the unavailable data held in your device while it is in the repair store.

Save Yourself From the Agony of Dumb Answers

If you are keen each time you visit an Apple store and speak to the geniuses, you realize they give the same regurgitated response. It gets annoying when you know you have a unique problem that requires someone to look into it for a minute and offer a conclusive answer. An independent repair place will provide you with an expert solution, and there is no corporate-speak dumbing down your issue. You will not be listening to a so-called expert tell you to switch off the device and restart it. Instead, you will get someone who picks the device, fixes it, and then hands it back to you while explaining what went wrong.…


Understanding Drone Technology

Drones are crewless aerial vehicles that are controlled from the ground. The initial idea was borrowed from drones used in warfare. It was and is still being used to launch attacks in enemy camps. One reason why it is used is because of accuracy. Military drones have helped reduce the number of casualties in warfare. Advancements in technology led to the introduction of small drones, which can be used by civilians.

Drones are made using light materials that reduce its weight, making it easier for it to fly around. A drone is made up of a system that is full of sensors that help it navigate through smoothly. It is usually controlled from the ground using a remote. Other parts found in it include GPS, laser, and infrared cameras. Drones have an automated flight that spins it, making it elevate up the sky.

Many people are using drones at the moment for different reasons. Most countries have their own policies when it comes to flying drones. This is because several cases of privacy invasion concerning the use of drones have been reported in some areas. Familiarize yourself with the rules in your area to stay out of trouble. Drones have proved to be beneficial in several instances. Here are some of their benefits.

Marketing Purposes

These unmanned aerial vehicles havedrone played a significant role in the marketing world. Those in the real estate sector have benefited a lot from the use of drones in marketing. It can be used to capture aerial footage essential for marketing. Such footage brings out that wow factor. Potential clients will have a different view of your property and make up their mind fast.


Drones can be used for entertainment and leisure purposes. One area you can use it is to capture footage of a specific landscape or environment. We have also seen some use it to shoot music videos and movies which usually look good from that angle. Footage from drones often stands out from one that has been captured using your usual camera.

Managing Disasters

Drones have turned out to be very useful in different disaster management situations. A good example is during drought situations. There are several types that have been used to distribute food to the affected. It has been used during wars to distribute food and medical supplies to inaccessible areas.  They are some of the best inventions of this modern age.…


What to Consider When Buying a Wi-Fi Router

Internet connectivity is essential in this day and age because it opens you up to the whole world. It is through the internet that you get news from different corners of the continent. There are several sites and applications you can visit to keep you updated on some of the latest news. The internet has also helped to improve communications. Calls, video chats, and texting can now be done online. It is even cheap compared to making a normal voice call.

You can also get all the entertainment you need online. Video and movie streaming sites make it easy for you. All this makes the internet seem like a basic need in this era. We have seen most buildings getting connected to enable people to access the web and also make some tasks easier. One place you should ensure is well connected is your home. There are internet service providers who can install a wireless connection in your home.

Make sure you choose the right company. Have a look at their packages or even compare between different companies. Their internet speed is another thing you have to factor in. One thing you may be required to buy is a router. Some companies will bring theirs. You should look for a good router that will help ensure you have a proper connection at home. Here is what you have to consider when buying one.


You should look for a router that has anwireless router antenna for the best connection across different rooms in your house or building. Availability of an antenna helps in boosting the range of your Wi-Fi. You will stay connected even when in your bedroom or bathroom if you choose one that has an antenna.


It is another vital thing to consider when buying a router. Some of the common security protocols in routers include WPA, WPA2, and WEP. WPA2 is the best for many routers. You can choose one that has a parental control option if you have kids and want to limit the content they access.


The speed of the router you want to buy is another thing you have to consider. Common speeds in these routers include 300 Mbps, 900 Mbps, and 1900 Mbps. Apart from your service provider, your router plays a crucial role in determining the speed of your internet. Look for something a bit fast to have the best experience using your internet.…